Digital Good Delivery Policy

Digital Good Delivery Policy

Effective Date:01.09.2023

1. Introduction

This Digital Goods Delivery Policy ("Policy") outlines the terms and conditions governing the delivery of digital goods by HeadFord Interactive Private Limited ("Company") to customers who purchase digital goods through our website or other online platforms.

2. Definitions

Digital Goods: Digital goods refer to any intangible products, services, or content that are delivered electronically, including but not limited to software, e-books, music, video games, downloadable files, and online courses.

3. Ordering and Payment

Customers must place an order for digital goods through the Company's website or other authorized platforms.

Payment for digital goods must be made in accordance with the pricing and payment terms specified during the checkout process.

4. Delivery Process

Upon successful payment, customers will receive an email confirmation with details of their purchase.

The delivery of digital goods will be initiated immediately after payment confirmation.

Customers will receive a download link, access credentials, or instructions to access and download the purchased digital goods.

Delivery may also involve sending a digital license key or code, if applicable.

In cases where access to digital goods is contingent upon registration or account creation, customers are responsible for providing accurate and complete information.

5. Availability and Access

Company will make best efforts to ensure the availability of digital goods for download or access within a reasonable timeframe.

Customers are responsible for ensuring they have the necessary hardware, software, and internet connection to access and use the digital goods.

6. Refunds and Returns

Due to the nature of digital goods, refunds will generally not be provided after delivery. Exceptions may be made in accordance with the Company's Refund Policy.

If customers encounter technical issues preventing them from accessing or using the digital goods, they should contact our customer support team at for assistance.

7. Customer Support

The Company will provide customer support for issues related to the delivery, access, and use of digital goods. Customers can contact our support team through the designated channels.

8. Security and Privacy

The Company will take reasonable measures to protect customer information and secure the delivery of digital goods.

Customer data will be handled in accordance with the Company's Privacy Policy.

9. Changes to Policy

The Company reserves the right to modify or update this Policy at any time. Changes will be effective upon posting on the Company's website or notification to customers.

10. Contact Information

For any questions or concerns related to this Digital Goods Delivery Policy, please contact HeadFord Interactive Private Limited

11. Conclusion

By purchasing digital goods from the Company, customers acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agreed to abide by the terms and conditions outlined in this Digital Goods Delivery Policy. Failure to comply with this Policy may result in the termination of access to digital goods and, if necessary, legal action